SensorId not fetched in Alert

I am using v8.5.2 with influxDB . When I created alert for my pannel in preview I am getting values of all my sensors , but in the alert message (MS Teams) the Value is showing blank. PFB ss of alert generated(I have used default message template) -

The lables is showing as null. PFB ss of preview alert

In above ss SensorId is passed.
With the help of {{ $values.B0.Labels.sensorId }} I am bale to get value in Custom Labels but I want the value to be dynamic. Please suggest alternative for the case. Also is there anyway to edit the default teplate?


Hi @akshay147,

Thanks for providing the details.

1st thing is to check if the Microsoft teams is configured correctly as the best way to test it is to send a test notification once you defined the webhook for it. Does it show the test notification (without creating any influx alert)?

Yes I am able to get the test notification. I have configured the webhook properly, Could this issue be because of some formatting?