Self monitoring vs external monitoring your own LGTM stack

When it comes to hosting your own instance of LGTM for a set of customers - is it preferred to use self-monitoring or move to external monitoring?

Self-monitoring seems to be simpler but could have its drawbacks in terms of reliability.

External monitoring seems to be more complex but could have its advantages. Is there a recommended approach here?

or why you would go one way over the other?


As you said: external will be more reliable. But you may have a budget limitation (ot other limitations), so you not be able to use the best solution.

Generally, use different monitoring tool deployed in different region with different provider. This should minimise a risk that your monitoring of monitoring won’t be affected by the same issue as your monitoring.

Let’s say you have LGTM in AWS us-east, then the best option can be Zabbix (or another tool) in GCP us-west.