Schema layout for OCP data

I am trying to setup a schema for OPC data and need some feedback if what I am doing makes sense so far. I am using grafana to roll up status information about the OCP data into a couple of dashboards also. Should I have one measurement per OPC endpoints (over 350 at the moment) or group them by device type (a shredder has multiple endpoints on it) with one line with multiple endpoints (I could foresee issues with different sample rates and RP in the future). It would be easiest for the grafana dashboards if all of the endpoints where in one measurement but I don’t think that scales in the long term as well because of the additional tags and series let alone RP. One idea might be to do the 350 different measurements and have a continuous query that does the slight downscale and pre-calculations for grafana to read but I am not sure it can do that in near realtime.

I guess I should post this on InfluxDB forums more than here. A followup question would be if a lot of people are using the text edit mode instead of the default query designer panel for complicated queries across measurements.