Scale up the traffic load level of each VU?

Are there any ways to scale up the traffic load from a VU?

If I understand the documents correctly, you can scale up the total traffic load by increasing the number of VUs. From the observation of my testing with a simple script, each VU sends about 20 requests per second regardless of the number of VUs.

I would like to run huge traffic with a few VUs. Is it possible?

Hi @Yoshi,

VUs as such just run over the default function as fast as possible, with possibly some sleep in order to not get any iteration under the minIterationDuration which by default is zero so this shouldn’t be a problem (also apparently we haven’t documented this).
For your case given what you say a single vu can make 20 requests per second so I guess it does 20 iterations … Now depending on your actual use case you can probably run more requests using http.Batch you should probably look at the options specifically at batch and batchPerHost.

But ultimately you may need more VUs to make more requests :slight_smile:

Hi @mstoykov,

http.batch () works for me. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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