Scale and Show a tag as a value on a graph

In our InfluxDB configuration, the ifHighSpeed value from Cisco routers are inputted as tags. There are two issues with ifHighSpeed tags that I’m trying to find solutions:

1)The ifHighSpeed value is entered in InfluxDB as Mbps, I would like to scale and display the tag value in Gbps to match the axes of the graph. In other words, is there a way to perform a math function on a tag value (e.g. /1000)

2)Take the tag value and display it on the graph as a reference line (It needs to be dynamic).

Display mockup:

As a side note, the ifHighSpeed tag value can be isolated by using the following CLI command: SHOW TAG VALUES from “interface_rate” WITH KEY =“ifHighSpeed” where unique_id = 'xxxxx_zzzzz’. However, I was not able to get code to work in Grafana (v6.3.3).

Thank you in advance!

1 in the select query divide it by 1000
2 not sure what you want to achieve