Saving the highest value, and the time that value was achieved

Hello Everyone!

In my setup, we are using LibreNMS to monitor several network devices, and are feeding the RRD information into Graphite and displaying it through Grafana.

What I’d like to do is, using Grafana (if possible) display and save the maximum value (in my case, the data rate, or specifically ifInBits_rate and ifOutBits_rate) as well as the time that value was observed.

For example, if at 9:00 pm the rate is 2 Gbps, at 10:00 pm the rate is 5 Gbps, and then at 11:00 pm the rate is 3 Gbps, I’d like the display to show something like “maximum rate was 5 Gbps at 10:00 pm.”

Is that something that is possible for Grafana to do, and if so, could anyone point me in the right direction to achieve that?

Best Regards,