Running xK6 Browser scripts on a remote browser (For e.g. - Browser stack browsers)

Question related to xk6-browser implementation. So we are running these tests for Front End Performance measurements in a CI environment
But we want to test the same from multiple geolocations. Now the option that we were exploring was using Geolocation Testing from BrowserStack and combining it with xK6 browser.

But as i understood from Browser Stack that xk6 does not support browser connection to remote web browsers.

I see the issue as Closed - Document k6 Browser `BrowserType.Connect` · Issue #1112 · grafana/k6-docs · GitHub

Has anyone tried this ?

Hi @aashishk7 :wave: Welcome to the forum!

The latest version of k6 browser, included as experimental module in k6 v0.44.0, allows connecting to a remote browser. See the documentation for connect method and an example here.

Let me know if that helps.