Running large tests in one node

Hi all,

I use K6 to test our server via thrift RPC.

  • When add customize trend, the iterations is about 109945.841044/s.
  • When not add, the iterations is about 264145.052705/s

any idea for running the large test in one node?

when with customize trend, perf as below

# command
./k6 run _output/Go1StepEdge.js -u 200 -d 30s

# js 
export default function (data) {
  let ngql = "yield 1"
  let response = session.execute(ngql)
  check(response, {
    "IsSucceed": (r) => r.isSucceed() === true
  // add trend

cpu: Intel(R) Xeon(R) Platinum 8352Y CPU @ 2.20GHz 128C
mem: 251Gi

Hello! You can try this Running large tests