Ruby gem for the Grafana API


I am currently creating a Ruby gem to use the Grafana API there.
Maybe someone is interested in taking a look at the whole thing once, or to do a review?
I am currently using the gem in my own project and therefore I am working on the integration of features that I need myself.
The link to the gem:
The link to the project:

Greetings from Hamburg,

Cool to see community projects like this!

We are currently looking for ways of generating API clients but we have focused on golang (maybe something like go swagger). Have you figured out a way to easily keep this up to date with any API changes we make?

Hello and a happy new year! :slight_smile:

currently I always get changes from the official API docu page (
but there are not all API calls documented.
like this one here:

then I try to look into the grafana code, or put an issue at GitHub.

We can definitely add a link to the ruby gem in the Grafana docs. I know we have got requests for a Go client so a Ruby client is probably very useful for Ruby developers.

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I would be very pleased!
and also help me fix bugs and add new features.