Route localhost website through grafana

I am running the latest v7.1.5 Grafana on a local computer.

I also run a https video stream with python webserver using flask on the same local computer.

Both are in different docker containers but connected with an internal docker network (10.10.0.XX).

If I create a Text or Ajax panel, I can view the stream in grafana ( using the normal ip address of the host in the panel settings (

But that means anyone can link direct and view this directly without grafana and I can’t block the 5555 port with a firewall.

Is there a way to route the website through grafana 10.10.0.XX network and then be able to set a firewall to block direct access to the python webserver.

This means that the end user has to login into Grafana to view the video stream in a panel ? I use this with a lot of information displayed in other panels in the dashboard from an influxDB database.