Retrieve metric names from different data source


I am having an issue with making my panels a bit more human readable.

The issue is that I have two databases. One contains the data that I display + IDs for each of the metrics, while the other contains the IDs and the Human readable names.


By using only the IDs, I get this:

If these tables were on the same database, I would just use a join or something similar. But the two tables (and databases) are on different servers altogether.

This is the query I use:

  UNIX_TIMESTAMP(statusDate) as time_sec,
  REPLACE(statusValue,' %','') as value,
  nodeID as metric
FROM platformStatus_201711
WHERE statusName = "cpu" AND platform_id IN ($platform) AND $__timeFilter(statusDate)
ORDER BY statusDate ASC

Any ideas on how to trick it so that it will display the Names instead of the IDs?

Thanks a bunch in advance!



I cannot think of a way of solving this other than having the tables on the same server.



Same here. I ended up doing exactly that. I had both databases on the same mysql instance and then I could perform between-database joins.