Retention reset but Argument still exists

Hi All

My original post on how to add the retention policy.
I successfully managed to update this retention policy to 1 year and it was working when I first applied it.

But now for some reason is not working any more and has gone back to the default 15 days retention.

I checked the flexlm exporter plugin we use for generating the results to prometheus but it looks like prometheus stores all the data.

What are my options to fix this?
I did read that I could move the data retention file, could that solve it?

@memorist23 I read through your previous post. It looks like the community member that was helping you out noticed that your startup script passes the arguments as part of the script, are those still there or did it somehow get overwritten?

You had found the startup script at /etc/systemd/system/prometheus.service and added a line for --storage.tsdb.retention.time=2y. Can you share what that file looks like now?