Rest Call for login with input JSON structure

I want to know the url and the JSON(containing the key value pair for username and password) for logging into my User account through postman. Also whether GET or POST method used for the Rest Call.

Start with the doc Available auth methods are mentioned.there.

You cannot log in your Grafana user using HTTP API.

You can do get call through postman with /api/users endpoint


Response will be something like this
“id”: 2,
“name”: “testuser01”,
“login”: “testuser01”,
“email”: “asd”,
“avatarUrl”: “/avatar/7815696ecbf1c96e6894b779456d330e”,
“isAdmin”: false,
“isDisabled”: false,
“lastSeenAt”: “2011-06-23T19:46:08Z”,
“lastSeenAtAge”: “10y”,
“authLabels”: []