Resolve IPs to Hostnames?

Is it possible to let Grafana resolve IPs into hostnames (if possble by DNS server)?

My MySQL query looks like this and i want to resolve the “ip_src” addresses.

CONVERT_TZ(stamp_updated,’+00:00’,’-01:00’) as time,
count(ip_src) as counts
FROM acct_v9
WHERE $__timeFilter(stamp_updated)
and ip_src not rlike “192.168.1.*”
and ip_proto = “tcp”
and tcp_flags = “2”
group by
ip_src, ip_dst
order by
counts desc


There is no function in Grafana to do what you require, i suggest you think of a datasource (example : csv with host,ip) and do joins with the data you retrieve from MySQL.

Hope it helps.

Good Luck

Can you give me more detailed instructions? I’m not a specialist in this. Or maybe another workaround?