Repeating Values in Fields

On dashboards when building a panel I did a join from 2 different forms. The LOBID and active_online are from the join form, the other 4 fields are from the 1st form. The fields are joined through LOB.
My issue is some of the data is repeating itself as you can see in the picture attached.
I want only one 14 to be displayed instead of a whole column of them. (also just so you know there are other values in these columns and they repeat as well.)
It could be an issue with my join. right now iā€™m using a left outer join in this format:

1st form

ON (
1st form.LOB = join form.LOB)

what datasource are you using? It sounds like it would be best to filter / reduce the data on the DB side by adjusting your SQL query. But, you should also check out using the transformations, which can do a lot of powerful sql-like transform. Just remember that all those get done on the frontend side so they are not nearly as performant :+1:

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