Repeating panels w/SimpleJSON

Recently using Grafana w/SimpleJSON plugin. I’ve developed a test back end with the Flask/Python back-end code ( to bootstrap me. Works really well and I’m able to do some great stuff. Awesome tool.

I’ve been messing around with repeating panels and have no problem getting it to work with the standard approach. Specifically - setting up a variable and using the repeating menu in the general part of the panel. Works great!

However, what I really need is to control the number of repeating panels via the JSON I send back from my python back end (in some cases I need 1 repeated panel, in some cases many). Ideally, I’d set up a custom variable but be able to somehow change the custom options on the fly in order to have n panels get generated (which I understand might not make sense).
It’s not obvious if it’s possible to do that or if maybe I just missed something. If anyone has any ideas or other approaches to doing this, short of generating the overall JSON for the dashboard, that would be much appreciated.