rename fields by dictionary

Good afternoon, I’m trying to use your beautiful system. for process visualization. To do this, I write the data from the OPC to the database. time and tags from the project. I have the opportunity to add a field annotation display, for example, according to the dictionary of another table. I found the possibility through the transformation only to change in manual mode. maybe there is a way to make a tricky SQL request. For information I use clickhouse database. I’m at the design stage and can accept any ideas


What data source are you uaing to visualize things?

I write data to the clickhouse from the OPC. using a custom python script. the table structure is planned as follows (‘DTOPC’, ‘DateTime’), (‘LF10’, ‘Float32’), (‘LF27’, ‘Float32’,), (‘LQ12’, ‘Float32’)… … . I wanted to know how to add information to the legend so that the user knows LF27 is pipe pressure and LQ12 is water flow.

Can you use value mapping or organize fields in Transformation?

Yes it works. in particular, the organize fields in Transformation approach works for me. But this is a manual way. I thought there was a way to automate this. maybe I need to make a correct SQL request, I’ll think about it thanks

Does it keep changing dynamically or is it always static?