Rename axis label while allowing for alerts

Grafana 8.3.4

I am graphing metric data (RSSI, SNR and Battery voltage) The tag value/name in the InfluxDB is a unique device ID that doesn’t tell you what the sensor is being used for. I’d like to rename/transform the value into something that makes it easily identifiable.I was able to use the Transform and 'Rename by Regex", which works. BUT, once I use that, I can no longer use the Alerts function.

Anyone have a creative way of being able to rename they X-axis labels and still be able to use the Alerts function.

Here is an example of what I tried. You can see I created 2 transforms that have successfully change the x-axis lable. You can also see the 3rd one that has the device ID displayed and I haven’t created a transform. This works but then I cannot use the Alert funcationality.


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Are you using Flux or InfluxQL for your queries?

I am using InfluxQL.