Removing time range and refresh options for the user and force fixed values

I was wondering: is it possible to remove the time range and refresh options for the “viewer” users and force them to use fixed values set by administrators?
I am referring to the options in the top right corner, as you can see from the following image:

I only found an option to set the values in the refresh icon (I removed the high frequency values such as 5s). Now the minimum value that the dashboard shows is 1m. However, when the user logs in the dashboard still refreshes every 5s.

Since this is causing the database to run several unnecessary queries (the data in the panels doesn’t change every 5s), I was wondering if it’s possible to just remove those options from the top bar.
Is that feasible?

Go to dashboard settings (the cog icon in your image) and there is an option there to Hide time picker. That will hide the time range and refresh icon.

Hi @codlord thank you for your reply.
I was wondering: is it possible to just remove the refresh option?

That one is causing the majority of the problems. Even if I remove the 5s,10s values from the settings, the users dashboards still refresh every 5s as soon as they log in.