Removing Dashboard

Hi there, I have accidentally uploaded a dashboard with sensitive information, do you mind help me to remove it? Thanks. *I am not sure if I am new or something, i dont have the private message function when I clicked on your profile.

Hi, accidentally uploaded a dashboard with sensitive information. Can someone help remove it? I can’t send a direct message option on your profile @daniellee

@daniellee Hi danielle.
could you please delete snapshots for me?
Thanks in advance

@daniellee Hi danielle.
could you please delete snapshots for me?

hi @daniellee we also need to remove the snapshot on the public server, and it is urgent, can you please help? thank you very much!
Seems I cannot find the button to message you, can you send me a message? Thank you!

Hi @daniellee, could you please help me to remove a snapshot ?

Does anybody have any idea how to delete it except sending a DM to devs.
plus, sending DM button is not visible of @daniellee

Hi @daniellee.

Can you remove a snapshot for me? I can´t send to you a private message.

Hi everyone, I just found out that you can delete these snapshots using Snapshot API.

I think people in this thread like me just want to get things done, so:

  1. Still, check the Snapshot API, make sure you understand what you will be doing. I am not using token and more like act as a normal browser, but the idea is the same.

  2. Get the cookie content of grafana_session in your browser and save it in your text editor.

  3. List the snapshots via curl:

    $ curl -X GET 'https://<YOU_GRAFANA_DOMAIN>/api/dashboard/snapshots' \
      -H 'content-type: application/json' \
      -H 'cookie: grafana_session=<YOUR_OWN_COOKIE>'

    You should be able to get a list of snapshots in JSON format. Find the key of the one you want to delete.

  4. Delete the snapshot via curl:

    $ curl -X DELETE 'https://<YOUR_GRAFANA_DOMAIN>/api/snapshots/<YOUR_SNAPSHOT_KEY>' \
      -H 'content-type: application/json' \
      -H 'cookie: grafana_session=<YOUR_OWN_COOKIE>'
  5. Check the snapshot on, it should be gone by now.

  6. Be careful next time.

@daniellee Hi Daniel. One of our engineers published by mistake a snapshot from our local environment to raintank snapshots. can you please DM me if you can help us with deleting it? i tried the curl commands but didn’t work