Remove search queries from Browser Url

Does we have an option to remove or mask or encrypt search queries appearing in browser Url

For example I’ve got a Prometheus data source and could see all queries happening in dashboards against data source are appearing in HTTP calls.

Is it possible to hide / mask / encrypt ?

its a bit of a time consuming question that goes beyond a normal question. if you need support on that you can write me a pm and we will find a good solution

Hi @melrose

The real problem is search queries are getting blocked in VIP layer, because it contains characters like (",~,SUM etc…) in plain text format

do you think, is it possible ?

what is a vip layer , too time consuming

VIP doesn’t block based on the content. I guess you have WAF (Web Application Firewall) component, which may think that ",~,SUM etc… is a SQL injection.

Some datasources (Prometheus included) support configuration of used HTTP method. Use POST there and queries shouldn’t be in the URL as GET parameters. They will be POST parameters. But good WAF inspects also POST parameters, so IMHO it won’t help. The best option is to configure that WAF for default Grafana behavior.

Hi @jangaraj

Yeah exactly this is my case.

I tried for POST call option, but it’s blocked again.