Recommended setup for connecting multiple clients

Hi, looking for a bit of advice on the best way to setup the following. I have IoT data being logged in Influx Cloud from several projects (different clients), Influx Cloud allows me to setup a ‘bucket’ for each client where I can store that clients data, isolated from each other and easy to delete if I am no longer involved with that client.

I was hoping to carry out a similar setup in Grafana Cloud for the data visualisation, and at first glance I thought I could use the Pro subscription and simply add an additional ‘stack’ for each client, keeping my setups clean and isolated from each other. However, I noticed I can only have 3 stacks on a Pro account.

It looks like a lot more work to add several clients to one stack, and create rules to try and isolate them from each others data, plus difficult to manage as clients come and go if everything is running in one big stack.

Am I missing something simple, how does everyone else handle multiple clients for accessing Grafana Cloud?

Hi David,

Creating multiple stacks is possible with Grafana Cloud, however if you’d like to open more than the 3 stacks available on Grafana Cloud Pro we can put you in touch with our Sales team to discuss a customized Grafana Cloud Advanced plan. You can reach our Sales team here and share your use case:

You can also click “Open a Ticket” from your customer portal to open a ticket with Support who will forward your request to our Sales team.

Customer Success Engineer, Grafana Cloud