Recomendations for EC2 instance type for Kubernetes nodes running Loki microservice mode

Hello all,

is anyone else running Loki on EKS Kubernetes in microservice mode? I would be very curious to learn what node instance types you have chosen :slight_smile:

As far as I can tell, Loki services run on ARM and ARM64?

My first test setup is running on t3.large nodes and it seems that I probably want a higher RAM-to-CPU ratio.

Full production load will probably start at 10k logs per second. Expecting that to grow to 20k messages per second within the first year. Not sure about stream count yet…

In my test setup, I have not enforced any resource limits but it seems that ingesters cache as much data as they can (which is expected). I have very few queries for now so cache usage on that side is minimal.

Anyway, all suggestions and tips are welcome. I’m well impressed by Loki so far :smiley: