Received organizations are not authenticated

Hi there,

I’m trying to authenticate an org via generic auth. My reponse from /api/user/orgs is : [{“id”:1,“role”:“Admin”,“name”:“Schools”,“userId”:80305,“email”:“”,“login”:“903483261V”}]

And find my auth config is as follows.

enabled = true
name = SIS

;allow_sign_up = true
client_id = 5
client_secret = 8sRz6DIqKkmDsLfp35K5RyJawfGwsGkIO6XAjvjS
scopes = '*'
;email_attribute_name = email:primary
;email_attribute_path =
auth_url = http://localhost:3001/oauth/authorize
token_url = http://localhost:3001/oauth/token
api_url = http://localhost:3001/api/user
;allowed_domains =
;team_ids =
allowed_organizations = Schools

When I’m trying to authenticate the orginzation not have been given the permission . Please find my logs

t=2020-06-01T20:58:12+0530 lvl=dbug msg="HTTP GET http://localhost:3001/api/user/orgs: 200 OK [{\"id\":1,\"role\":\"Admin\",\"name\":\"Schools\",\"userId\":80305,\"email\":\"\",\"login\":\"903483261V\"}]"
t=2020-06-01T20:58:12+0530 lvl=dbug msg="Received organizations" logger=oauth.generic_oauth logins=[903483261V]
t=2020-06-01T20:58:12+0530 lvl=eror msg="login.OAuthLogin(get info from generic_oauth)" logger=context userId=0 orgId=0 uname= error="User not a member of one of the required organizations"