Ray Dashboard and Grafana Errors

Hello, I’m completely new here and have a Ray cluster running prometheus-2.51.0.linux-amd64 and grafana-v10.4.1.

The Ray Dashboard (installed with Ray) loads, but the Grafana “Metrics” panels are blank. When I select “View in Grafana”, Grafana’s view of the panels comes up, but with an error message “Templating Failed to upgrade legacy queries” and each pane has its own error “This panel requires Angular (deprecated)”.

I’ve done a lot of troubleshooting, a lot of searches on this, but I am lacking something fundamental:

  1. How do I tell if Grafana and Prometheus are properly logging data, even if the dashboards are broken
  2. How do I deal with the deprecated Angular plugin, when the Dashboard was provided by Ray?
  3. What exactly is Templating, and how can I help it to upgrade legacy queries?

Thank you.

welcome, looks like there is some older plugins in that dashboard?