Question about dashboard links

At work I made a Grafana-dashboard that contains information that is usefull to fill in another Excel-file I made.
In the Excel-file I added a hyperlink with the address to the dashboard. However when I click the link in Excel, the browser always ends up in the Grafana-homedashboard. When I copy and paste the same link in the browser itself (chrome) it actually goes to the correct dashboard and not the homedashboard.
So when the same link is started in the browser itself it works and when it is clicked from within Excel it does not seem to work. Anyone had this issue before or knows how to solve this? Thx.

Hi @schelbert,

Are you using a self-hosted grafana instance or Grafana Cloud? OSS or Enterprise?

Hi, using the self-hosted instance.

What does the URL look like? You can obscure the domain or IP.

And if you tail your server and grafana logs, do you see any differences when you click from excel as opposed to entering the url directly into the browser?

The link looks something like this (obscured indeed):
When I paste that in the browser (any browser), I go exactly to that specific dashboard what I expect and how I want it to be.
When I click the same hyperlink in Excel it takes me here:
This time I tried it at home and not at work and I see the same behaviour.
Not sure what you mean by tailing server and grafana logs, sorry!

Can you open each link in Chrome and inspect the connection using Chrome developer tools? In particular the network tab? Do you see any differences here?

There is only 1 link. The point is it changes somewhere between clicking it in excel and automatically loading it in the browser. From what I can tell is excel does something to it but not sure what (If I paste the same url directly in the browser it doesn’t change). So it’s not really a grafana issue but I thought I asked it here anyways. I cannot use the developer tools because excel opens the link, so I cannot have it ready before it opens. Also I’m not really that experienced with the developer tools. Thx for your help, appreciate it!

If you right-click on the cell in Excel and click on “Hyperlink…”, do you see the correct URL set in the hyperlink configuration dialog box?

Alternatively, in Excel, can you “remove hyperlink” and create it again?

To me it sounds like your excel cell contains the correct URL as text, but the hyperlink itself points elsewhere.

Nope, 100 % sure. The link itself is correct. When i copy it from there and paste it in a browser it does work. But not when i click it, then it takes me to the home dashboard instead. You can try it easy if you want. I see this behaviour on any pc with different grafana installations. Just make a dashboard link in excel and see for yourself!

Hm that sounds weird indeed. You got me curious and I just tried to reproduce the behavior, but couldn’t - all worked fine. I’m on a Mac though; not sure if that makes a difference.

If you have the chance to throw together a screencast (starting with creating the link in Excel, then clicking on it) I’d be very curious to see what it looks like.

(And/or share an example Excel file with a link that behaves this way - maybe to one of the dashboards on

Ok, I started to make the video but it’s kind of a work to obscure all the IP’s in sight in different actions so afterwards I tried it with the dashboards on and there the problem did not occur actually.
Could the problem be that my links are http instead of https ?
If you still want the video I can make it.

Found some interesting stuff about this issue here: Excel hyperlink not redirecting properly (bug?) - Super User

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I did a workaround, I created a local html containing the dashboard link.
This can be loaded from a hyperlink in Excel without problems. Not the solution I like best, but works for me.
Thx for the help!

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Huh, learn something new every day I guess… This is fascinatingly weird behavior on Excel’s part! Can’t really think of a better workaround than yours…glad you got it sorted in the end.