Query variable error

I try to make Query variable at grafana v. 8.0.2, and 8.0.4 very simple

select CAST(ex_name as TEXT) q1 from history_model3 group by ex_name;

but every time get error “Validation: Cannot read property fields of undefined. Templating[]: Error updating options Cannot read property fields of undefined”

Select return 4 values


that’s all, I’ve made CAST? but without any results

I’ve using data source Sqlite DB plugin
I don’t understand what the reason of this error

At snapshot another request with the same error

um, did I read it wrong or
in your picture, you are selecting ‘date_rw’ → this give you error
and in your text, you are selecting ‘ex_name’ → ???

can you show me (in picture) what your table structure like
and the values in it
something like
select * from history_model3;

this is a sample from Mysql
*hope it is not too different

As I told the same error I’m getting at any sql requests I can’t make any query variable? I think it’s a bug of sqlite plugin

sorry cant help
I havent used sqlite
tried asking you for table structure (field name / values) → which we might work it from there
but if you said it is a bug, then we stop trying

I get the same, with sqlite as well.
It was reported to the sqlite plugin issue #46.
Plugin does not support version 8.x yet.

The issue is fixed with the release v2.0.2

It can take a while until Grafana releases this version on their webpage but the fix can already be used by using alternate installation instructions

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