Query to display top 10 services with lowest dowtime

v10.3 (latest)

I expected to be able to configure a panel or series of panels that would dynamically list the top 10 services with the most downtime and calculate the percentage of downtime.I am trying to create a dashboard in Grafana that will display the top 10 services with the highest downtime, along with the percentage of downtime for each service.
i have used up metric which showed all the metrics and its values but dindt do any filtering according to my use-case

you can use transformations to sort your data and limit the number of results to 10

Thank you for your suggestion.I tried using the ‘Sort by’ and ‘Limit’ transformations in Grafana as you recommended. However, I ran into an issue where the value field, which represents the uptime percentage, is not available for selection in the ‘Sort by’ transformation. It seems that Grafana’s transformations currently do not support operations directly on the value field

can you share a table view of your data?

here it is i guess this is what you asked if there anything else that could help me plz ask