Query Template Variable holding old values


I am using a template variable named “PART” of query type, which returns all the parts IDs from the PostgreSQL datasource.

In the dashboard, upon selecting a part ID from the dropdown, the dashboard content will change. We have a text panel in the dashboard that uses JavaScript to call a webservice and display the results in a custom HTML table.

For example, let’s say the PART variable is returning Tx19, Tx20, Tx21, Tx24. By default, the dashboard shows the data for Tx19, but when I change the value to Tx20, the content switches to Tx20. However, after 1 or 2 seconds, it reverts back to showing the data for Tx19. This alternating behavior continues for a few seconds.

Similarly, if I change the value from Tx20 to Tx21, the dashboard shows the values for Tx19, Tx20, and Tx21 alternatively after 1 or 2 seconds