Query Builder for MySQL, stuck with time series

I’m trying to use Query Builder, with a MySQL data source.

Even after switching the Format from Time Series to Table, you are still forced to choose a Time Column and Metric Column as if it were a Time Series. Switching to ‘table’ does not appear to change neither the structure of the query builder, or the generated query.

I see in the documentation, that query builder will look different for different data source types. But, is there something I’m missing, here?
Because, it seems that that the Table format option is not in use, despite being present in the selectable options.


Hi @ballast ,

Can you help us understand what it is that you’re trying to achieve? Are you looking to visualize data from MySQL as a table?

Thanks for the message.
Yes! And I actually have nice dashboard doing that already.
Looking to build on it further, and was trying to ‘generate mysql statements’ via the Grafana interface.

I think the query builder looks this way because Grafana’s original use case was to visualize time-series data. There will be a lot of new functionality in Grafana version 8, which should make it easier to visualize non time-series data