Public Wheater Dashboard

I run Grafana on my Rpi. I made a dashboard, where it shows my wheater station. Now I want it public, that I do not have to log in every time. How can I do that ?

I would say that “public” is a dangerous word to use here - I doubt that you
really do want to expose this interface to anyone and everyone.

What I believe you’re looking for is “anonymous authentication”. See

#anonymous-authentication for details.


Thank you. It worked !
Is it possible to access the Dashborad even if I am not at home in my network?

Yes, provided you have a VPN connection or any other method for accessing a
computer in your home network. That is a question of remote network access,
though, and is nothing specific to Grafana.



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Okay, their is no other way ?

Well, no, otherwise anyone on the Internet would be able to get at the
machines in your home network, and that is “generally regarded as

You have a router connecting you to the Internet. It contains a firewall,
which blocks access from the outside to the inside. It does that for a good