Provisioning Unified Alerts in Kubernetes using helm charts

Hi everybody!

Until now I have created alerts into grafana, then copy the JSON file as part of the dashboard and the alerts would be provisioned. I tried this approach with the new Unified Alerting System but the alerts didn’t show up once I deployed.

I’m using Grafana 8.3.1 open source, the datasource associated with the alert would be azure monitor provisioned in a kubernetes cluster via terraform.

I can’t seem to find documentation regarding the provisioning of alerts for the Unified Alert System.
At most I’ve found bare steps of how to opt-in to unified alerting system for grafana legacy.

If you have any documentation/tutorial/guide regarding how to do this I’d appreciate it so much!


I got back to legacy system and the alerts are back in the provisioning.

To do this you just need to go into your custom config, locate grafana.ini and add (I put it below root url):

    root_url: https://***.***
    enabled: false

Redeploy and it will appear the legacy alerting system.

Let me know when the unified alerts can be provisioned.