Provisioning Dashboards: foldersFromFilesStructure not working

Grafana Version 6.6.1 running on RHL 8.4

Provisioning dashboards using yaml in conf/provisioning/dashboards directory.

We have set the “foldersFromFilesStructure” to true (see config below).

Result, the dashboards are all in general - the folder structure that we have stored them in is not preserved.

apiVersion: 1


  • name: dashboards
    type: file
    updateIntervalSeconds: 30
    path: “tooling/grafana/dashboards”
    foldersFromFilesStructure: true

No errors in the logs. We can see in the logs, on start-up, the provisioning config being read correctly and, as mentioned, it is finding the dashboards and loading them (they are working in the UI). The only problem is the folder structure not being preserved.

Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.

Recommendation: upgrade Grafana. Or dig into Grafana source code of your version and find if this feature is really supported there.

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Thanks for the advice. The source code for the 6.6.2 version we currently have installed does not have any references to the foldersFromFilesStructure, but I found it in the most recent source version 8.3.

Updgrade is the solution.