Promtail config UDP listen_address

While in the promtail.yml/config file where you can add Job_name and the like. For syslog, and specifically ‘listen_address’, how can I have the port be a UDP instead of the default TCP? Or at least I’m thinking you could do that? While reading the logs and I just did the dumb thing of (obviously wrong), but when I did that the logs stated “tcp: address tcp/514/udp: unknown port” From that I’m assuming that if you put an address and port in the listen_address, it just assumes you’re doing the TCP port-type.

How do you make it listen to the UDP? Is this some kind of syntax that I just don’t know yet?


As designed, promtail would only work with TCP sockets. It uses a built in web server (TCP). It provides verified log delivery. UDP would not work in this use case.