Project Structure

Hello Everyone.

I Have to do a project with 200+ requests in a project. I will create a structure for this project and I thing separate request from scenarios, in different files. Does anyone have an example project like this?


  • You need utilities folder for helper functions, payload providers and misc stuff.

  • Tests folder for your scripts

  • results folder for saving test outputs. you can have sub-folders features wise.

I would say don’t worry about the structure as much. Once you start, you’ll automatically think about what to put where. This way you project will evolve. I also started this way.


Hello @aakash.gupta!

Thank you for helping me. I created a kind of example architecture for a project for or skeleton of new projects. If you want see, here have a github repo: GitHub - maximilianoalves/k6-arch-example: pt_BR: Projeto para criação de arquitetura e esqueleto de testes de performance utilizando o k6. // en_US: Skeleton for project start for performance test using k6 and other tools.

Thank you again.

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thank you for helping others with starting their journey into performance testing.