Problems authenticating after updating because admin has my email address configured


I’m having issues authenticating into my on-premise Grafana 10.0.3-1 instance running on CentOS Linux release 7.9.2009 related to the case insensitive login change, see Guide to using the new Grafana CLI user identity conflict tool in Grafana 9.3 | Grafana Labs

The problem is that the conflict resolution tool doesn’t work for me, probably related because it’s the admin user for which I configured my personal email years ago.

sudo grafana cli admin user-manager conflicts list

Showing conflicts

+ id: 1, email:, login: admin, last_seen_at: 2020-12-16T18:52:21Z, auth_module: , conflict_email: true, conflict_login:
- id: 35, email:, login: username, last_seen_at: 2023-08-03T12:23:10Z, auth_module: ldap, conflict_email: true, conflict_login:

When I try to validate the conflicts file, it says validation complete:

sudo grafana cli admin user-manager conflicts validate-file /tmp/conflicting_user_2154898624.diff
File validation complete.
File can be used with the `ingest-file` command.

But when I try to ingest, it throws an error:

sudo grafana cli admin user-manager conflicts ingest-file /tmp/conflicting_user_2154898624.diff

Changes that will take place

Keep the following user.
id: 1, email:, login: admin

The following user(s) will be deleted.
id: 35, email:, login: username

We encourage users to create a db backup before running this command.
 Proceed with operation? [y|n]: y
Error: ✗ not able to merge with &{%!e(string=could not find intoUser: Found a conflict in user login information. 2 users already exist with either the same login or email: [admin (, id:1), username (, id:35)].) %!e(*user.ErrCaseInsensitiveLoginConflict=&{[{1 0 UserLastName UserFirstName admin cef596b61d55df46e9bfed317f00f739b3ffd4fa2c912e2fa86b671b27e7bf8733f2d67866780da29bc3265339e22fee2fb3 DS1YPPWHIz VFc9kCXnZF  false  0 false true false 2 {0 63578429585 0x68c0e60} {0 63743741561 0x68c0e60} {0 63743741541 0x68c0e60}} {35 0 UserFirstName UserLastName username  i29n0HGztw g8i59SdVTY  false  1 false true false 1 {0 63630114051 0x68c0e60} {0 63743797516 0x68c0e60} {0 63826662190 0x68c0e60}}]})}

I tried finding a way to update the email address of admin, but failed.

Setting “admin_email =” in /etc/grafana/grafana.ini and restarting Grafana does not work. Disabling LDAP authentication does not enable me to login with admin.

Please advice how to resolve this problem.


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I have the same problem. Using AD LDAP - my admin account and named account both contain my email address. Grafana complains:

msg=“Error while trying to authenticate user” error="Found a conflict in user login information. 2 users already exist with either the same login or email

Is there a way around this?


Anyone can help with this problem please?

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I’m having exactly this problem. Surely someone has a fix?

Have this same issue on 10.1 and have
oauth_allow_insecure_email_lookup: true


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