Problem to start the grafana server (Failed to start Grafana instance.)

I am new in linux and grafana. I installed grafana successfully on my raspberry pi.
In order to integrate my diagram in iobroker/habpanel i had to modify the grafana.ini. I guess i mad a mistake there with new line. Afterwards i saw in the log, that grafana was not able anymore to parse the file.

Since then i cannot start anymore the grafana server.

“Status” shows this message:

Can anybody help me?

The usual problem for people new to Linux is the different line endings in text files, and how to transfer files between different operating systems. Just guessing that this might be your problem. You could try running dos2unix on the grafana.ini file to make sure line endings are in unix/linux format. Here’s a resource:

Thanks. I am sure this was my initial problem. But I reinstalled many times now grafana and still get this problem while starting server. I didn’t touch the new grafana.ini