Problem Time Range "Now"

Hello together,

sorry i am new. Tried a lot since two day. Search doesnt help, because i am not sure what to search… and everything found didnt help.

My Data in “table view” is 2h ahead.
I adjusted everything around, but if i watch the graphs by “relative time” e.g. " -5 min till now" it shows me the data “my time” -5 min → 2h back from data.

Here my data in mariaDB:

Here my data in grafana:

I could live with that, but the problem is, grafana is doing something with "Time + Value “Bezugsleistung”
It doesnt show me the write value in the graph. I think its the problem of the timeshift…
How is it possible to store right Time in “table view” = grafana?


Welcome @martinhassinger

Sounds like your date column is not UTC

Use a mariadb function to convert it to UTC

Thank you.
I read this before, but not sure how to manage.

Here is my Timezone (thats the point):

I made a new field (8) for “Zeit UTC”, but cant choose something like Datetime UTC…
Can u tell me how to fill new field with time UTC?

Thanks a lot

That ia beyond grafana. I would consult mariadb documentation

Instead of changing or adding table column qouls be easier to use a function like this


convert_tz(createddate,'America/New_York','UTC') as time,

CONVERT_TZ - MariaDB Knowledge Base.