Print URL and run constant request


Nice tool! and we want to check it out

we try with the following dummy test and I’ve two main questions

export let options = {
    insecureSkipTLSVerify: true,
    tags: {
        url: '',
    scenarios: {
        constant_req_rate: {
            executor: 'constant-arrival-rate',
            rate: 1000,
            timeUnit: '1s',
            duration: '120s',
            preAllocatedVUs: 1000,
            maxVUs: 1000,
            tags: {', url: "" },
    thresholds: {
        'http_req_duration': ['p(95)<1500'], // 99% of requests must complete below 1.5s
        'health is ok': ['p(99)<1500'], // 99% of requests must complete below 1.5s

export default () => {
    group("test 1", () =>{
        let healthRes = http.get(`${BASE_URL}`, {
            tags: {name: 'PostsItemURL'},
        check(healthRes, {
            'status is ok!': (r) => r.status === 200,

My questions are:

  1. we want to add the url as output, how can I do it ? in the docs I saw that req.url params but when I add console.log(url) I see it multi times in the output , is it possible to add the url where the status is ok place or other place ?
  2. if we need to run 1000 request per second but constant my config is valid ?
  3. there is lots of docs which is great, is there any best practices to run constant check on high load?


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Could some please assist?


I am sorry @Rayn, but I don’t understand your question, specifically this bit:

Can you elaborate on what exactly you want to achieve?

@ned, I think @Rayn wants to see somewhere in the output summary.