Prevent iframe from reloading when a variable passed as a parameter is updated

I’m trying to pass the src of the iframe as follows :

            title="dashboard 1"

The result which I get is correct but the only problem I’m facing is whenever I’m updating variable 1 or variable 2 the entire src is updated and the iframe is reloading is there any other way around wherein update without reloading of the iframe.

I have same issue . I have a simple vue js application which has iframe contains Grafana panel.When url changed of panel like yours all iframe is reloaded again. I have tested this issue with Kibana , it has worked as expected not loading all iframe .
Did you find any solution ?

One solution which I implemented is I segregated different graphs into different iframes. And placed them one after another hence by doing so I’m not updating all at once hence reloading only those that are required.

This is not a good solution but my problem got resolved because the query is giving the data in quick secs than reloading all of the data

Thanks for reply. Your solution is good for performance issues. My problem is actually refreshing panel in same window .“Refresh iframe” button changes src attribute of iframe with updated URL of grafana panel. When url changed panel rendered again . Do you have any idea ?