Preprocessing of data - possible?

Hi all,
I am currently trying to import text data from Zabbix into Grafana. Actually I have managed this by selecting the Text query mode and then drilled down to the item. I have then selected table as the visualisation and the data is loaded into a table. The issue is that one field has multiple pieces of data. The template it comes from is the Zabbix TCP/UDP CONNECTIONS TEMPLATE - this lists items such as a Listening TCP ports etc.
The problem I have is 2 fold

  1. Can I show only the “Last Value” field and hide the other fields
  2. The “Last Value” field has something like "TCP LISTENING 2152 TCP LISTENING 904 TCP LISTENING 2152 " - I would like to be able to grab just the port numbers out of the text and then list them each in a new line (possible??) for each port

Any assist would be greatly appreciated


Hello :wave: and welcome to the forum, @zl3dred

I think that the community could best help you if you shared a screenshot of your data in table format, and maybe your raw unformatted data as well.

That way we could try and mock up your issue.

in the meantime:
for 1: try using the stat panel and selecting last from the panel editor

for 2: try using regex-based value mapping