Potential redundant imports in grafana core

Hi there!

In /grafana/public/app/app.ts we see the following imports:

import 'whatwg-fetch'; // fetch polyfill needed for PhantomJs rendering
import 'abortcontroller-polyfill/dist/polyfill-patch-fetch'; // fetch polyfill needed for PhantomJs rendering

Looking at these lines and the comments therefore one can come to conclusion that those two imports are no longer necessary since PhantomJs is long gone from grafana.

Can we remove those?


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Hi @atymchuk

I spoke to the Grafana team about this and they agree: these imports, and some additional polyfills in several tests, can probably go. I’ll make a PR unless you wanted to :+1:

Excellent, thanks a lot!

Well, it feels like there may be many more places to clean up from those remnants and I wouldn’t know them all. So please go ahead with the PR :+1:

The good news is we will save global bandwidth and hopefully make grafana load faster :slight_smile:


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