PostgreSQL data in a Boom Table

Struggling to get PostgreSQL data to display on a Boom Table. I think I am just not understanding how to grab the data coming back from the database. I have the query returning the info the way I want.


Once I get to the Patterns tab I can not seem to get a match.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.

UPDATE: Noticed that PostgreSQL is not a tested / supported data source on the Github page

Damn it, i didn’t know this plugin great.

But i don’t understand excatly what do you’re searching ?

Hi @magrat04 ! Sorry to see that you have trouble with Boom Table. As you mentioned, Currently it is not tested against any relational database like MySQL / PostgreSQL / MS SQL. I didnt had a chance yet to work with those yet.

BTW, feel free to test the boom table with any other supported data sources and provide your feedback.

That is ok, I appreciate and if I test with other sources will be sure to provide feedback. Thank you.

I was simply looking to use PostgreSQL DB as a data source for the Boom Table, but it has not been tested yet.

In the metrics tab I am able to enter the query and I get the proper response from the DB, I just can not figure out how to work with the patterns tab to get that data to display in the table.

Boom table expect your data to be in time series format. It doesnt know how to handle tables. BTW, I haven’t done any prior experiements with table format. But for sure, boom table only works with time series.

If you can transform your data into timeseries, this may work.

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Perfect, I will look into this. Thank you.

I’ve successfully used Boom Table with PostgreSQL datasource. Just select in the Metrics tab the “Table Format” in the battom of the query editor. It works like a charm!
In the “Pattern” tab use the metric name (of the “Metrics” tab) ad put it in the “Pattern” field.

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