Plugin for comparing columns from different queries

I have 1 column in three different queries, that I want to compare like show in the image. I have both tried with Grafana’s own graph panel, but also tried with the plotly plugins, but I can not make it like the image.

Can anyone help with how to for any of the plugins I have already tried? Or does anyone now of some other plugin not listed in grafanas plugin list?

What version of Grafana are you using? If I were using Grafana 7.x, I would probably create a graph with a mixed data source and use transformations to tweak the data.

I am using version 7.3.4, since I had some trouble upgrading to 7.4.

I have tried to use transformations as show below.

With the following transformations:

But when I switch to the graph panel, it just tells me it is unable to graph the data.