Peak RPS Calculation

Hi Team,
I would like to understand how did we calculate Peak RPS for the test? Lets say, I am running the test with 50 VUS and run for an hour and each iteration takes about 5 seconds (including sleep time mentioned as 4 secs based on my workload model). How do I calculate Peak RPS? Please help me on this.


All, Any help on this is much appreciated. Thank you…

Sorry for the ultra-late reply, this question somehow got missed by us :disappointed: And I am not sure exactly what you’re asking for, but I’ll try to answer anyway…

If you’re asking how to calculate what the peak RPS value was during a test run, after the test run has finished, then you’d need to send the raw metrics data that k6 generated to an external output like InfluxDB (or a JSON/CSV file). You can then query/filter it to calculate the value, it’s not possible to see it in the default end-of-test summary that k6 produces.

And if you’re asking how to specify the peak RPS value, then you should almost certainly use an arrival-rate executor, see: