Path different label`s value to my custom label at Custom Labels section

I want to path different label`s value from series to my custom label at Custom Labels section.
For example:
Time serie: {name=“container_threads”, cluster=“spb2-production”, container=“container-catalog”}
I need to path the value of label cluster to my custom label called “my_label”.
So, I’m trying to path it like this my_label = {{ $labels.cluster }} and expexted to get my_label = spb2-production.
After all I want to use it at Notification policies to associate a label with a specific contact point.
Pls, could anyone help me with this?

@ylpetrova what you’re trying to do should work. Where are you getting stuck?

I’ve done something similar in a test:

Then I can see the value of my custom label on the alert after it is evaluated:

In notification policies I created a label matcher to send this notification to slack:

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@melori.arellano Thank you so much for your responce! I successfuly done it!)
Could you help me clarify one more thing please?
Despite the fact that I disabled grouping in the root policy, I continue to receive an alert and its image in two separate messages. Is this a feature of the new alert manager or can I make the receipt a single message at telegram?

My alert message (get 2 messages):

Old grafana alert (get 1 message):