Password Reset Not Working

Password reset isn’t working. I have users forget their password and have a password reset sent to their email. The email is never delivered. I have to delete their account and send a new invite. Any ideas? This is on Red Hat 8

Do you have a mail server and is it configured in grafana config?

Yes because they get the invite emails

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what does your log file say about this?

Crap. They forget it’s case sensitive for email addresses. My bad

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That sounds suspect. Where did you get that info?

The log:

grafana.log.2023-02-14.001:logger=context userId=0 orgId=0 uname= t=2023-02-13T15:44:35.355228284Z level=info msg=“Requested password reset for user that was not found” error=“user not found”

The emails start with capital letters

That sounds like a bug?

I found the issue. It was a matter of capitalization

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