Passing query parameter to Admin API using CURL


I used the following command to obtain information on all the tenants using Ubuntu terminal:

curl -u :token-password -X GET --url http://localhost:8080/admin/api/v1/instances

This command only lists the “active” tenants. In the documentation, it states that to display “active” and “inactive” tenants, I must pass the query parameter “include-non-active=true”. How must the above command be structured for this to work?


Hi @donovanmoorhouse,

What version of Grafana flavor + version you are using ?

MinIO version 20220409150952.0.0
Grafana Enterprise Metrics version 1.7.0
Grafana Enterprise version 8.5.3
with Grafana Enterprise Metrics plugin version 3.5.2
with Grafana Image Renderer plugin version 3.4.2
Linux Grafana Agent version 0.18.4
Windows Grafana Agent version 0.20.0

Thank you.

Since you are using Grafana Enterprise as I suspected from your API call (but also wanted to confirm).

Did you reach out the Support staff there already ? because here we are mostly dealing with the Grafana OSS.


Thanx. Will do…