Parent Child relation between template variables using neo4j query

How I can create parent/child relationships between templating variables using Neo4j as a datasource ?
Is this feature supported in Grafana 4.0.2? Does Grafana support multi level template variables for Neo4j queries or am I doing something wrong?

This query doesn’t work:
$TestFolderName=MATCH(a:HP) WHERE a.project=‘CHP’ AND a.type=‘test-set-folder’ and IN [‘4869’,‘4866’] return Order by

$TSName=MATCH(a:HP) WHERE a.project=‘CHP’ AND in [($TestFolderName)] WITH as setid,a ORDER BY a.last-modified DESC WITH setid, head(collect(a)) as a ORDER BY return distinct

The first template variable works fine but second level dropdown is not updating with the selection of the first TestFolderName.

The second level drop down works fine if I hardcode the (’$TestFolderName’) as ‘01Jira’ so both queries are fine just that the substitution of the result of first query in the second template query is not working.

Please help me with example on how to do this?