Panel w daily min/max for an SOC (battery state of charge)

Hi, I’m looking for a panel or configuration that shows me a daily min/max value of a battery SOC. Any suggestion?

Welcome @lipsiart to the House of Grafana.

What is your datasource, i.e. how are you currently storing the state of charge? Are you recording the state every hour, every minute, every second, every millisecond, or something else?

How do you acquire or feed the SOC into the above datasource?

I’m using a influxDB datasource and the SOC is being stored every minutes as a percentage w 1 decimal (. (point)). Grafana 9.1.4 is used, at an openhab environment.

Are you using Flux or InfluxQL?

As QueryLanguage is InfluxQL used.

Have you tried this?